All good men ride skateboards neon

When I skate I dream. When I sleep it’s dark. How far can I go, without money?

On the board, life is grand, life is good.  I tell my little sister about my adventures.  Now she wants to ride with me but she’s too young. From time to time she sits on the penny and I push her while she navigates it like a sled. The wheels are getting uneven and need repair, so I sell Hacky Sacks and lithium batteries. Dad helps, but mom gets worried.  She says I ride too much.


I have a few skater friends. We meet on Sundays at Four Wheel, where my mother used to work. They closed two years ago but it still has the smoothest asphalt and the grandest staircase. We talk about movies most of the time.  Even though I have known Willie, Kevin, and Steven since we were kids, I still don’t know really anything about them. I want to share with you my story.  It must be told.  Because it’s true that “All good men ride skateboards.” And I’m going to tell you why.


Vicky Space3


Full story soon.



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